I Guess Introductions Are in Order?

Thanks for joining me!

Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight – whichever fits. My name is Bailey and I am a young lady from the Western Kentucky area. I am a passionate gal whose heart beats wildly for all sorts of things like pasta, bread, movie scores, typewriters, the Kentucky Wildcats, my Samoyed puppy named Bear, and my man – JC (AKA: Jesus Christ). I just recently graduated college with a bachelors degree so I am officially part of the “real world” now. As scary as it can be every now and then, I am proud to be making a small difference in my community.

So, I go into more detail in my first official post as to why I started “Beautifully Broken,” but I will give a quick synopsis on here. To recap, 2018 slapped me in the face, metaphorically speaking. I was faced with more conflict than I had ever encountered before and I was confronted head on with lingering insecurities that I never wanted to see the light of day. It was mentally, emotionally, and physically draining to keep up the facade of joy and peace. To the untrained eye, I appeared just fine. But, in reality, I was the definition of a hot mess.

The other day, I was reading a devotional when I realized that, despite the reality of my past being in the past, 2018 was still weighing heavily on my heart. My brokenness did not go away like I hoped it would. In fact, it grew stronger – manifesting in the quiet hours of the night like a thief fully prepared to steal my newfound happiness. I am a soldier still bleeding from battle – and the quick patch-up job I did was not doing the trick. I need healing and STAT.

Thus, leading me to Beautifully Broken – a safe space for storytelling.

My goal with Beautifully Broken is not to teach someone how to be the perfect Christian, because – let’s be real, that does not exist. Trust me. Besides, perfectionism and Christianity is kind of an oxymoron anyway. My goal, is to use this platform as a way for me to reflect on my brokenness, heal, and grow in my walk with the Lord. It is a journey. Keep in mind, in every journey story ever told throughout literature, the path is never without bumps. It is raw, emotional, real, and honest. I’m not sure what tone this platform will embody over the next few months, but I know that it will lead me to a place more open than I have ever been before. Would you care to walk in this journey with me? Who knows, maybe you might find a little bit of yourself within these posts. Either way, as Soul Scripts eloquently puts it… your brokenness is welcome here.

Just know… no matter how broken you feel, you will never be anything less than beautiful in God’s eyes.


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