Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

Thank you for coming to my Blog- Beautifully-Broken! I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was 16 years old. Due to some of the medications I took to treat my Crohn’s disease, I developed 2 more silent diseases: Drug induced Lupus and Enteropathic Arthritis. My blog will share stories that I have had dealing with my silent illnesses.  I will also share with you how I deal with addiction, while not being the addict myself.  My goal is to help others get through hard times when dealing with addiction and silent diseases, and also to educate families/friends who may be close to somebody that relate to these topics. Lets discuss a little bit of everything from health, to cooking, music, entertainment, life, etc.  Thank you for the support and love <3 Please feel free to comment and/or ask any questions!