“Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.”

– Luna Lovegood

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  • My Big Brother, My Hero

    Fighting and Forgiving I joined the Wisor clan 11,367 days ago, which is also the day I received my first gift. A gift that would continue to improve over time. So, what kind of gift could a baby get within their first couple breaths? A brother! Not only was I fortunate… Continue Reading

  • Life isn’t fair; Build a Strong Support System

    Support Systems I am very thankful in life to have the support system that I have been blessed with. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have my friends and family. A good support system does take time to build and continue to strengthen as personal relationships… Continue Reading

  • Anniversaries and Friendships

    Anniversaries are better than birthdays. Anniversaries are better than birthdays. Did my fingers just type that out? I can’t believe that my brain even actually had that thought. I absolutely LOVE birthdays. Who doesn’t love their birthday? I know you are probably thinking that there couldn’t possibly be somebody out… Continue Reading

  • America’s Health Insurance Is Not Healthy

                   Health insurance companies dictate our health care in America. I’m not sure how many of you pay monthly for health insurance and then turn around and you can’t get a medication or a procedure you may need. Why? Why do we have to get approvals from people working behind… Continue Reading

  • Addiction; A family disease

    Addiction is a lifetime commitment. Once an addict, always an addict. That’s what my mom has always said anyways. She will be an addict in some way for the rest of her life. Even during sobriety you are a “recovering addict.” Given that my mother will always be an addict,… Continue Reading

  • Masks, Yoga, and Flare Up’s.. Oh My

    I fell behind again!  It’s ok though, I’m bouncing back. I have been working on another post for a couple days, and I want to make it better before posting. It’s a sensitive post about divorce and how it affects families forever. I want to really watch how I write… Continue Reading

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